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I. Historical EvolutionSichuan Yongxing Electronics Co., LTD., formerly known as state-run Yongxing Radio Equipment Factory (State-run 893 Factory), was established in Guangyuan in 1966 on the third line, under the Department of the Fourth Machine (Mi…

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The products are mainly used in aviation, aerospace, weapons, ships, communications, rail transit, smart grid, instrumentation, new energy and other fields, and have been used for launch vehicles, "Shenzhou" manned spacecraft, Tiangong series, lunar exploration, Mars exploration and other key projects. Long-term service for aerospace science and industry, aerospace science and technology, aviation industry, China North Industries Group, China Electronics Technology Group, Huawei, Germany Siemens, ABB, Changhong, Haier and other world top 500 enterprises, product quality and service are praised by customers.